Haley Stevenson holds a B.A. in music from Butler University Jordan College of the Arts in Indianapolis. Her teachers have included Richard Auldon Clark, Dr. Lisa Brooks, Francesco Borali, Silva Costanza, Kathryn Hershberger, and Laura Crawford. Now that she holds her degree in music, Haley is excited to hold her own teaching studio to pass on the skills she has learned over the years to her own students in a supportive environment.


Haley is the acting Digital Media and Communications Manager for

The Deoc Ensemble, where she has also worked as a violist and violinist within the ensemble since 2016. Deoc performs all over Indiana and sometimes out-of-state for weddings, business functions, galas, and other special events. Haley enjoys playing new music from current composers, both independently and with organizations such as Classical Music Indy. She also performs in regional orchestras such as the Hendricks Symphony Orchestra.

Haley began playing viola at the age of ten. During her high school years, Haley performed as a soloist in the Franklin Central Orchestra and played with the New World Youth Symphony for two years, the final of which she was principal violist. Haley played in the ISSMA All-State orchestra her junior year. She was a member of the Music for All Honor Orchestra of America for three years, and performed in the Indianapolis Symphony Side-by-Side for two years before receiving a performance scholarship to play with the Butler Symphony Orchestra. During college, Haley took up the violin and has been playing both ever since.

In Spring of 2018, Haley studied viola with Francesco Borali, concertmaster of the Milano Metropolitan Orchestra, and chamber music with Silva Costanza at Scuola Civica di Musica in Milan, Italy.


While at Butler, Haley was involved in many different organizations including the Student Government Association, the Butler Collegian Newspaper, interning with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, and formerly the acting Vice President of Mu Phi Epsilon Kappa Professional Music Fraternity. She also performed three solo recitals during her time there.


In her spare time, Haley enjoys playing video games, reading, photography, playing with her cat, and learning other instruments (like ukulele, guitar, and piano).


Get to Know Haley

Haley first wanted to play viola because of movie soundtracks. She heard the "Pirates of the Caribbean" score at a young age and wanted to be in an orchestra someday. She started out on viola and has been in love with it ever since! Haley still listens to soundtracks, and her favorite composers include John Powell, Alan Menken, Yoko Shimomura, and Joe Hisaishi.
One of Haley's passions is learning about other cultures, and she was able to get the full experience of Italian culture when she studied abroad in Milan in spring 2018. She hopes to bring everything she learned from the experience into her daily life and musical endeavors, including the musical fervor of Italian musicians.