Viola and Violin Lessons

My Teaching Philosophy


My teacher, Kathy Hershberger, and I (2015)

Music is a gift that everyone can enjoy! It can be life-changing, and no one should miss out on the opportunity to benefit from it.

I believe in an individualized plan for each and every student in my studio. Everyone learns at a different rate, and different teaching and practice methods work better for each student.


Familial support is essential to the learning process. Enthusiasm from parents and loved ones is the number one encouragement for a student.

Private instruction is not just an opportunity to grow as a musician, it is an opportunity to grow as a human being.

Goals and dreams are different for every student in my studio, and I believe it is my job to make sure I accommodate those desires.

My ultimate goal is to make sure that each student has fun and can learn how to express themselves through music!

Frequently Asked Questions
Where will lessons be held?
Lessons will be held at my studio on the Southeast side of Indianapolis.

How long are the lessons?
I recommend half hour lessons for beginners ages 5-8.

Ages 9+ I recommend 45min - 1 hour lessons.


What are your rates?

$25 for a 30 minute lesson

$37 for a 45 minute lesson 

$50 for a 60 minute lesson

First lesson is always free!

Can you offer a cheaper lesson rate?
Unfortunately not. My rates are based upon my education, years of teaching experience, and quality training. My rates are also priced according to the location that I am in.

Do you offer lessons online?
Yes! I teach lessons conveniently through Skype and FaceTime to accommodate non-local students.

What experience do I need to take lessons?
No experience is required. I teach both beginners and advanced students!

Do I need to purchase an instrument before the first lesson?
Yes! However, the instrument needs to be the correct size. I recommend going to a violin shop and asking them to help you find an instrument that is the correct size for you/your child. It is recommended that beginners rent instruments from a violin shop. Check out my Resources page for some suggestions on where to look!

Do you have a lesson contract?
Yes. I require all parents and students to sign an agreement form that includes important information about the lessons, payments, student expectations, practice requirements, performance requirements, and more. You can preview my studio policies here.